HCD’s Housing Accountability Unit Marks First Year

Farzad Mashhood, Senior Associate

HCD’s Housing Accountability Unit (HAU) celebrated its first year of operation in November with the goal of “increasing stringent enforcement and oversight at the local level to create more housing, faster in California.” While the HAU has enforcement powers, it also works with local governments to ensure they are aware of housing laws and provides technical assistance to help them comply. The Unit is now also overseeing State Surplus Land law.

The HAU publishes a dashboard that is updated weekly and details the actions that have been taken to ensure that housing laws are followed. As of December 1st, the Unit has “unlocked” 4096 housing units (including 1038 affordable homes), provided technical assistance for 227 cases, and closed 300 cases. Unlocked units are those where, due to the involvement of the HAU, jurisdictions approved developments after receiving technical assistance or enforcement action.