By Sarah Snook Brunson, Associate, LDC

During the last week of March, LeSar Development Consultants staff attended a two-day workshop hosted by the Billions Institute, an organization that provides social-change training to mission-driven organizations and people. Jennifer LeSar is currently a fellow in the Institute’s two-year fellowship program. Our training was not exclusive to the staff and included many leaders from other fields of social change including education and healthcare. The most prominent commonality between the diverse participants and our own staff was a commitment to creating a better world.

The staff workshop, “Dig Deep/Dream Big: Introduction to Unleashing” provides emerging leaders with the framework and strategies to further implement large-scale change. It was structured as a residential immersion training and focused on establishing personal motivations and one’s own vision and motivation for life and for the world at-large. Then LDC staff created concrete steps to implement those visions. Acting as a catalyst, the training inspired LeSar Development Consultants to prioritize our internal strategic planning. We envision a world where every person has a safe home. In an effort to achieve this vision, we believe it’s vital to utilize every team member’s strengths and skills to their highest capacity. Our concrete goal is to have our 2019 strategic plan completed within the next 30 to 60 days and to begin to implement the strategies shared so we can be most effective in our work.