LDC delivers action-oriented solutions, deep technical analytics, and expertise in housing policy and development finance to nurture healthy, sustainable and equitable housing landscapes.

Our teams provide strategic guidance in housing markets systems change, deep technical and data driven analytics needed to develop policy, pragmatic planning and evaluation, and technical underwriting services.

We bring diverse skillsets to the table

Housing Policy & Planning

  • Housing and homelessness strategy coordination
  • Policy and legislative analysis
  • Organizational development
  • Land use implementation
  • Inclusionary zoning

Strategy & Organizational Development

  • Organizational Development
  • Stakeholder Convenings and Facilitation

Finance Services

  • Real Estate Transaction Services
  • Strategic Advising
  • Training & Technical Assistance

Housing Markets & Systems Change

  • Real Estate Transaction Services
  • Strategy & Change Management
  • Systems Change Analysis and Facilitation
  • Policy & Legislative Analysis

Serving clients throughout California

LeSar Development Consultants partners with leaders to forge forward-thinking solutions to today’s complex problems.