Lawsuit Targets Los Angeles’ Measure ULA

Chul Gugich, Principal

In addition to facing a ballot measure challenge, Measure ULA has been targeted with a lawsuit that attempts to block its implementation. The Howard Jarvis Association and the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles filed a lawsuit in December, claiming that the Measure violates State and local tax law because it is a special tax designated for a special purpose. Measure ULA is expected to go into effect on April 1, 2023.

Measure ULA supporters, including SCAHPH, the Koreatown Immigrant Workers Association (KIWA), and Service Employees International United (SEIU) Local 2015, in addition to other original backers of the Measure, have joined as defendants to the lawsuit. They argue that the California Supreme Court had already ruled that citizens have the right to place measures on the ballot and that four recent cases before the Court of Appeals agreed that cities cannot limit the initiative power of their residents to place special tax measures on the ballot. To date, no court hearing has been scheduled.