Corporation for Supportive Housing Calls For $8 Billion in Annual Funding for Homelessness

Jacqueline Woo, Senior Associate

The Corporation for Supportive Housing released
California Homeless Needs Assessment report in December, calling for an investment of more than $8 billion annually over the next twelve years to house the State’s homeless residents and those at risk of falling into homelessness. The plan calls for the construction of 112,527 new affordable homes along with supportive services and other programs. It assumes $1.2 billion in current State and federal funding, requiring an additional $6.9 billion from other sources.

Specifically, the report requests:

  • $5.7 billion annually for construction and acquisition of new homes
  • $1.8 billion annually for operations and rent subsidies
  • $488 million annually for supportive housing services for 62,966 residents with disabilities
  • $630.4 million annually for interim interventions for 32,235 individuals and families

To find out more about the needs assessment and plan, access the report here.