Sabrina Vonch, Human Resources Manager

Anoush Kervanian


Anoush Kervanian has a successful track record as a CEO, COO, and CFO, where she has had roles in steering new business initiatives, revitalizing struggling enterprises, and propelling growth. She specializes in providing financial management and risk mitigation services to help boost profitability and organizational performance against growth objectives.

Anoush’s career highlights include her role as a fiduciary executive, positioning companies for enduring success through collaboration with stakeholders, executive teams, owners, investors, and CEOs. She has made contributions across various sectors, including renewable energy, technology, healthcare, real estate, transportation, hospitality, and more, delivering expertise spanning business metrics and best practices, mergers and acquisitions, operations management, and financial management.

She holds a BA in business administration and management from Cal State Los Angeles and a Master of Science in management from the University of Phoenix.