Yelba M. Carrillo, Principal, Co-lead of the Homelessness Solutions Team

Yelba M. Carrillo

Homelessness Solutions Team

Yelba M. Carrillo, EdD., is a Principal and Co-lead of the Homelessness Solutions Team. Yelba has spent most of her career working within the
homelessness sector in Los Angeles County focusing on special populations including veterans, LGBTQ+, older adults/seniors, and
survivors of trauma. In her previous role at United Way of Greater Los Angeles, she oversaw homelessness initiatives to end homelessness among
older adults and improving health outcomes among the Black and Latinx communities in Los Angeles. Her research and study of this population
culminated in the publication of a strategic plan to combat older adult homelessness in Los Angeles County, “Older Adult Strategy: A Roadmap to
End Older Adult Homelessness in Los Angeles.” Yelba holds a Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership from Pepperdine Graduate School
of Education and Psychology, a Masters of Social Work from University of Southern California, and additional degrees in education and psychology.