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Mayor Call for $2 Billion in State Funding for Homelessness

Yelba Carrillo, Principal

In the middle of a challenging budget process, 13 large city mayors called on Governor Newsom to provide $2 billion in annual, ongoing funding for the Homelessness Housing, Assistance, and Prevention (HHAP) grant program to help communities respond to the homeless crisis. The cities represent more than a quarter of the State’s residents and the lion’s share of the State’s homeless population. In addition, the mayors asked that $1.5 billion in State funding be allocated to Project Homekey’s Third Round to ensure that current applications that will house 2,300 households can be funded, that streamlining measures be approved to help projects avoid red tape, and that the Governor support behavioral health measures SB 43 and SB 363 (both from Senator Eggman), which seek to reform the State’s conservatorship laws. See the letter signed by the 13 mayors here.

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Yelba M. Carrillo, EdD., is a Principal and Co-Team Lead of the LDC Homelessness Solutions Team. Yelba has spent most of her career working within the homelessness sector in Los Angeles County focusing on special populations including veterans, LGBTQ+, older adults/seniors, and survivors of trauma. Biography | Email

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