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UC Berkeley’s Othering and Belonging Institute Unveils New Zoning Reform Tracker

The Othering and Belonging Institute out of UC Berkeley released a great new interactive tool– a Zoning Reform Tracker– that serves as a hub for documenting zoning reform efforts in the country. The first version released focuses on municipal zoning reform. Future versions will be expanded to also look at State reforms. 

The Tracker has two components– a database and a webmap. The database is a sortable list of jurisdictions that have adopted or taken some kind of action around zoning reform. While it includes information about successful adoption of measures to reform zoning, it also compiles information about the status of efforts, as well as information about denials and failed efforts. The webmap is an interactive map that shows the location of zoning reform efforts throughout the nation, allowing users to zero in and visually explore where reform is taking place. Check it out and see whether your city or neighboring jurisdictions have taken action. 

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